Sticky Baits | Signature Fruits range

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Not a new product this one, but still an effective fish-taker and one that is perfect for the coming months!

Signature Pop-ups

The Signatures are made from a subtle blend of no less than 10 different liquid additives which give them their unique and fruity smell. They also contain two powdered fruit palatants, which are designed to give off both a maximum instant and prolonged leakage.

They come supplied in 70g tubs of assorted washed-out colours and are available in either 12, 14 or 16mm sizes.

Signature Wafters

As per the pop-ups, these wafters are constructed from exactly the same flavour package as previously mentioned. However, to complete the process, Sticky then coat each batch with a specially formulated amino acid blend that is designed to work best through late summer and into winter.

The hookbaits themselves are designed to sink slowly under the weight of a hook. For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, a wafter is designed to create a critically-balanced bait that will negate the weight of your rig, and sit just above your hook.

These are available in 95g tubs and in either a 12 or 16mm size.

Whilst supplied like the pop-ups as a mixed tub, this same attractor package is also available in three set colours – washed-out white, washed-out pink and a subtle washed-out yellow.

Signature Bait Spray

Designed to compliment the Signature range to a tee, the matching bait spray is a much thinner liquid than anything within the rest of Sticky’s range. While they had hesitations over their other, much heavier liquids and glugs affecting the buoyancy of a pop-up, this much lighter liquid is perfect and, due to its non-viscous nature, it is absorbed into the baits very quickly!

Mick Clifford