RidgeMonkey | Cozee Toilet Seat

RRP: £29.99 | Online: www.ridgemonkey.co.uk


Hot on the heels of the Cozee Bucket Seat, which converted their clever, modular XL bucket system into an ideal stalking perch for a quick day-trip or guest chair, comes the Cozee Toilet Seat.

This is the perfect addition for anybody who fishes long sessions, or on quieter venues where facilities such as Portaloos or shower blocks are unavailable.

It isn’t just for the skinnies amongst us either, being rated to a hefty 25-stone! The removable lid is supplied as part of a pack that includes a detachable toilet roll holder and five biodegradable bags.

It is due for release in the very near future and will be retailing for the same price as the conventional padded seat.

Mick Clifford