RidgeMonkey | GorillaBox Tech Cases

RRP: £9.99 – £29.99 | Online: www.ridgemonkey.co.uk

These rugged cases are designed to complement a wide variety of the RidgeMonkey tech products, providing storage solutions that allow you to safely transport and protect your kit in dedicated, weather-resistant, soft-lined carry cases.

Each of the GorillaBox cases also features an additional storage pouch on the underside of the lid and they all bear the same chunky zips. The 370 and 480 sizes also include a removable tablet sleeve, chunky double zips, a robust carry handle and a nifty direct-access, cable port, situated beneath a small plastic flap on the sidewall – meaning you don’t need to remove the Vault C-Smart from its packaging!

In all, there are six cases in the range, all specific to one or more items:

GorillaBox 45 – VRH150 head torch

GorillaBox 75 – VRH 300 head torch

GorillaBox 220 – Bivvy Lite

GorillaBox 295 – Bivvy Lite and a head torch

GorillaBox 370 – Vault C-Smart (42150mAh), Bivvy Lite and a head torch (plus tablet)

GorillaBox 480 – Vault C-Smart (77850mAh), Bivvy Lite and a head torch (plus tablet)

Mick Clifford