Sticky Baits | Fluoro range

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Having covered the pastel coloured, washed-out Signature range in some detail in the last issue, this month sees us take a look at their renowned Fluoro range of hookbaits. The range is available in three colours: bright yellow, pink and orange, with a specific flavour package for each.

Buchu-Berry is the pink offering and includes a really special combination of attractors. They comprise a unique blend of essential oils and palatants, including a renowned aromatic sulphur compound and they possess a very fruity aroma.

Pineapple and N’Butyric will need little introduction to anyone that has fished for carp over the past 20 years or so, as these bright yellow hookbaits are infused with two of carp angling’s most proven additives.

The esters from the Pineapple flavour work in tandem with the N’Butyric, creating a bait that carp have been caught on since the advent of time! N’Butyric is a carboxylic acid, in laymen’s terms, this means it is soluble in water, regardless of water temperature and can consequently be detected by carp, even at minute levels of inclusion.

The bright orange bait within the range is another timeless classic, featuring Peach (Melba) and Black Pepper. The colour isn’t just for winter either as the Peach and Black Peppers have a proven track record year-round.

They carry a lovely, sweet aroma with an obvious peppery undertone, given off by the use of 100% pure Black Pepper essential oil. According to the guys at Sticky HQ, these really do have a knack of singling out the better fish if their in-house catch reports are anything to go by.

All three are available as either pop-ups or wafters and in a choice of three sizes – either 12 or 16mm for the pop-ups and in a barrel shape for the wafters. As you would expect, there is also a matching, dedicated booster spray for each too.

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