Thinking Anglers | Leadcore Range

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As part of their relaunch, Thinking Anglers gave their terminal tackle range a bit of an overhaul and one of the first products to reach the shelves of your local tackle shop will have been their leadcore.

Available either on a 10m spool, or in three ready-tied forms, this all-new, thinner and suppler material is just about as good as it gets. It still maintains the same 45lb breaking strain as before, but due to the use of a thinner than average lead wire within, it has a slimmer profile.

It has also had a freshen-up in terms of colour, with it now being available in just ‘broken camo’. Its overriding colour is olive green, but it alternates every 10cm, to aid concealment over all manner of lake beds.

The three pre-tied variants are a plain, 1m long leader with a spliced loop at each end that is ideal for those who would rather create their own lead clip set-up, or adapt to any given situation on the day. Alternatively, there is a choice of a fully assembled Chod or Heli set-up, both of which are constructed from their own quality components. The Chod leader features a PTFE size 11 ring swivel, leadcore-safety top bead, 8mm green oval bottom bead and a small oval clip. Whereas the Heli system comes complete with a PTFE double-ring swivel, leadcore-safety top bead, green buffer bead and a small oval link.

Mick Clifford