Rod Hutchinson | Dream Maker Carbon Throwing Stick

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To create a new product worthy and befitting the iconic moniker, saw the development team at Rod Hutchinson undertake a rigorous testing process whilst the Dream Maker throwing stick was being devised.

The stick bears a sleek, understated finish, with subtle green whippings to match the rods of the same name. It is constructed from high modulus 3K carbon, with a reinforced tip and weighs a measly 56g, making it the lightest stick on the market today.

With an outer diameter of 24mm, it is suitable for boilies up to and including 22mm in size and due to its feather weight, it makes baiting up at all ranges a cinch.

Our only observation would be that the smooth handle may permit a little twist when in use, but, a quick going over with a piece of sandpaper, or a couple of turns of (suitably carpy) fabric tape would nullify the issue straight away!

Mick Clifford