Thinking Anglers | Swivel Range

RRP: From £2.99 |

Thinking Anglers have gone the extra mile with the swivel line-up from their eagerly anticipated terminal tackle range. Not only is there one for every application, but, they are purpose-built to perform too. Setting the TA swivels apart from the masses is an all-new, super-slick, dark grey PTFE coating. It is created by an electro-less plating procedure to provide a more even, scratch-proof finish than ever before. In turn, this will take rotation and flexibility of movement within the components to a whole new level.

There are seven different items within the range and they are as follows: hook ring swivels, hook ring swivel screws, double ring swivels, standard swivels, ring swivels, quick link swivels and ring quick link swivels. Barring the first three in the line-up, they are all available in either size 8 or 11.

Mick Clifford