Dynamite Baits | Hit N Run Pop-ups

RRP: £3.99 | www.dynamitebaits.com


Created in conjunction with renowned angler and underwater diver, Rob Hughes, these hi-attract pop-ups and wafters have been designed utilising his many years of experience, both above and below the surface. They are available in four subtle colours, each having been chosen based on Rob’s findings while diving. Each is designed to best suit the varied lake/riverbed conditions you are faced with at any time.


The pop-ups are available as either 12 or 15mm. White are for deep water and silt, pink for clear water and weedy conditions and the yellows are for use in clear water and over gravel. There is also a solitary 14mm wafter within the range, it is red in colour and aimed at those targeting fish in cloudy water, or, over a clay bottom.

All four have a sweet and/or fruity scent and have been created from a blend of unique flavours and essential oils. A nice touch is the inclusion of a small booster bottle, containing the relevant essential oil, in each tub.

Mick Clifford