Nutrabaits | Liquid Boosters

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Nutrabaits’ range of liquid boosters features something for everyone, whether it is sweet or savoury, subtle or strong, they’ve got you covered. There are seven in total, including old favourites such as Tecni-Spice, Trigga, Pineapple and N-Butyric, plus BFM: Krill & Cranberry, Trigga Ice, Blue Oyster and Krill.

All the liquids have been specifically formulated and include some of the most effective attractors, natural sugars and emulsifiers available. They will add extra pulling power to anything you wish, whether it be pellets, particles, groundbaits or boilies.

Due to their make-up you can’t overdo things on the inclusion levels either, simply open the bottle and pour, until you’ve achieved your desired consistency. The range comes supplied in 500ml bottles and they are all PVA friendly and effective year-round.

Mick Clifford