Sonik SKX | Alarm and Receiver Set

RRP: £229.99 |


Following on from the success of the alarms within their very popular SKS range, Sonik have released the brand new SKXs for 2019.

They have a quirky but sleek look to them and are packed full of features for the price point. The heads themselves feature programmable LEDs, so that you can choose between one of six colours, those being red, green, blue, yellow, purple and white. They also have a mute-function, allowing the user to silence each individual head while he is attaching/setting his bobbins. There are seven different volume and tone settings available and the alarm has two tones to differentiate between a straightforward take and a drop-back. To finish the specification, there are colour-matched night lights and a low-battery warning signal.

The accompanying receiver has a stated range of 150m, which is obviously more than enough, an anti-theft warning and comes complete with a neat stand, so that the receiver can sit upright on your bivvy table or the floor.

Last, but by no means least, Sonik have placed a bivvy light in the kit. Thankfully it is nowhere near as big as some offerings available and can be placed discreetly within the confines of the bivvy, either using a hook, or by means of a magnetic plate. The light has six different brightness and duration settings, ideal for those who are either heavy sleepers, or don’t want to wake up under the lights of Wembley stadium! A nifty little feature on the light is the addition of a central LED that can be paired with each alarm head to let you know immediately which rod requires your attention.

Mick Clifford