Sticky Baits | Bloodworm Active Mix and Pellets

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These powdered mixes from Sticky, contain only the finest ingredients such as: LT94 fishmeal, crustacean extracts, Robin Red, blood plasma, a few ground-down pellets and a generous helping of the matching basemix.

There is also a high level of soluble ingredients present, which permits a much faster release of the attractors than any boiled bait could hope to achieve. When submerged, the Active Mix really comes into its own, with small food items and a scent trail rising through the water column.

Originally designed as a bag/stick mix, it can be used in particle mixes, for coating glugged boilies, or even as a plain groundbait when dampened down with the matching Cloudy Bloodworm Liquid.

Quite possibly the most famous product to have left their factory so far, the Bloodworm pellets need little introduction. Based around a low-oil, complete food source pellet, these actually have a two-stage outer coating.

The first layer is designed to rapidly breakdown, releasing both flavour and particles into the water column, whilst the second stage sees a dense, dark red cloud linger directly over them and the surrounding lakebed.

Bloodworms play a key part in the diet of many freshwater fish, so why not use them to catch something that is naturally drawn to feed on it without fear and caution.

They are available in three sizes, those being 2.3mm, 4mm and 6mm and in either 900g or 2.5kg bags.

Mick Clifford