Sufix | 131 G-Core x13 Braid

RRP: From £39.95 |

Having received the Best Braided Line Award at the EFFTEX 2018 trade show, any avid braid users out there should pay particular attention to this. Sufix are a company with one focus and that is to produce the very best possible lines they can, they don’t bother with other products and as a result, their success relies upon it! The G-Core is the first 13-carrier braided main line on the market and it will benefit you in a number of ways. Firstly, that additional strand is actually a GORE centre fibre, which prevents any flattening and keeps the braid ‘super-round’ to aid casting extreme distances. Other benefits of the core are that it will eliminate the other strands from wearing against themselves, as per other braids, which will prevent any internal fraying. Another bonus of the core is that it will prevent water ingress, stopping the braid from becoming heavier and consequently not performing as well as it should.

It is available in breaking strains of 4-50lb in neon chartreuse (150 yard spools) and 10-100lb BS in chartreuse (a subtle, dark green) on 300 yard spools.

Mick Clifford