DNA Baits | EVO Range

RRP: £15.99 | www.dnabaits.com


Are you looking for something completely different to other ‘off the shelf’ hookbaits? If so, the Evo range from DNA could be for you. Available to match their Secret 7, SLK, NuttaS and The Switch, these salt-cured hookbaits can be boosted to your own requirements. They are sold complete with a 50ml bottle of liquid and a 50g pouch of a matching powdered additive (as well as a measuring spoon and instruction leaflet), to release wave after wave of natural attraction into the water.


You can use them straight out of the bag, or, should you wish, they can be ‘built up’ by adding layers of liquid/powder.

Following extensive testing, DNA recommend that you check your hookbait after 12-18 hours during the summertime, although they have found them to be perfectly okay after 48 hours submersion in winter.

Mick Clifford