Deeper | Smart Sonar Pro+

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If you’ve not yet seen or heard of the Deeper Smart Sonar Pro+, you’re missing out. It’s a castable sonar which is wireless, measures just 65mm in diameter and weighs a measly 3½oz, making it very easy to cast long distances. It works by sending sound waves down through the water, which reflect off objects and return to the surface, and measures the return time and strength of the sound waves. With this information, the sonar can determine the type and depth of objects such as fish and vegetation and convert them into data displayed on your device. It is compatible with iOS (from 11.0) and Android (from 4.4) smartphones and tablets via its built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. From this data, you can see weeds, structure, fish and even determine bottom consistency.

It offers up to a massive 110 yards (100m) of working range (depending on the OS and device model), and a maximum and minimum depth range of 80 metres and 0.5 metres respectively. With just a few casts and minimal disturbance you can make a quick assessment of the water in front of you. It gives you real time data in the palm of you hand, and allows you to build up a database of lake topography stored on your device using the Deeper app, Lakebook. So, over time as you revisit an area, it will build up a more accurate and detailed map. Every sonar scan and bathymetric map (aka lake map) you create, every photo you take and note you make is stored. You can then view and analyse your data time and time again to plan future trips and make better use of your time on the bank.


Developed by long time friends Aurelijus and Rolandas, the idea came about after renting a boat during a fishing trip to Finland. It was equipped with something very new to them both – a large, hard-wired sonar. The device gave them all the necessary information they required, such as bottom structure, water depth, and fish location, but it wasn’t portable and couldn’t be used for bankside angling. While operating the device, they couldn’t stop thinking how to bring the benefits of this technology to the hands of bankside anglers. Returning back home to Lithuania, they got to work, and after consulting many tech experts from far and wide, when they finally team up with tech engineer Donatas things really started to come together. The first castable Deeper sonar hit shelves in 2013, and now Deeper is available in over 50 countries and is the world’s most versatile, castable sonar.

Each unit is £209.99 and comes supplied with USB cable, neoprene carry pouch, two attachments bolts, quick start guide and a comprehensive user manual. Then all you need to do is download the app to your device and away you go! Deeper also have a 24/7 support line should you ever have an issue with using one of their products.

Mick Clifford