Mainline Baits | High Impact Balanced Wafters & High Impact Hookbait Enhancement System

High Impact - Balanced Wafters | £6.75 |


With eight different flavours within the High Impact range, Mainline have got something for everyone here. There are five fruity baits, two distinctly fishy ones and a super-sweet one too. Mainline have designed each bait to be critically balanced, quickly and easily. Simply add your chosen bait to the hair and the weight of the rig and hook should do the rest. Mainline recommend a size 8 hook for a 12mm wafter, a size 6 for a 15mm and a 4 for an 18mm. What could be easier?

They are available in 250ml tubs and in the following flavours: Peaches and Cream, Essential IB, High Leakage Pineapple, 50/50 Fruit-Tella, Diamond Whites, Salty Squid, Spicy Crab and Banoffee.

High Impact Hookbait Enhancement System | RRP: £9.99 |


Designed to perfectly complement the High Impact range of wafters, these dips offer an easy way to massively boost the attraction of any hookbait, PVA bag, pellets or groundbait. Utilising their exclusive and proven ingredients, including sweeteners and attractors, these liquids can help pull fish down from anywhere in the water column.

Mick Clifford