Nutrabaits | Cream Cajouser

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One of the standout flavours of a generation, Nutrabaits’ classic Cream Cajouser is responsible for innumerable captures both here and on the continent over the past few decades.

The bait itself has only ever been available as a shelf-life; nowadays it is rolled in either 15mm or 20mm sizes and is packaged in industry-standard 1-10kg bags, or, for those who do shorter sessions, handy little 400g pouches – perfect for those doing impromptu day sessions and/or overnighters.

As the name suggests, the bait bears a wonderful creamy aroma with a very subtle, spice undertone.

Nutrabaits have a complete range of ancillary products to complement the boilies too. There are pop-ups, stick pellets, a bait soak spray for livening up your hookbaits and a thicker liquid booster which is ideal for coating your boilies as they thaw. The booster can also be used to add a sweet, creamy flavour to your particle mix.

Mick Clifford