RidgeMonkey | Matte Carbon Throwing Stick & SQ DLX Plate Sets


Matte Carbon Throwing Stick | RRP: £59.99 | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk

This is another product that should now be on the shelves by the time you are reading this issue. Its quoted release date is for the end of February 2019. When it was first released, the RidgeMonkey throwing stick caused quite a stir due to its unconventional shape, but, in the ensuing period, it has become quite a common sight around many a lake.

The latest version doesn’t just consist of a matte-finish overhaul. It also features internal baffles to reduce noise, a gripe which any owner of a carbon throwing stick will probably confirm! The sleek new look is great and although it won’t gain you any extra yardage, it certainly continues to look the part. There are two sizes on offer, a 20mm and a 26mm. Both are capable of all but the longest distances and can comfortably put a bait over 100 yards. As ever, they feature a ‘naked’ carbon stippled hand grip and a front-loading port and are supplied with a protective bung for the top and a neoprene protective sleeve.

SQ DLX Plate Sets | RRP: £12.99 | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk


There are three different sets available within the line-up, being standard, large and long. All three are manufactured from hard-wearing BPA-free Melamine, making them easy to clean and carry, with the squared profile aiding storage. They all feature a handy inner-lip, which will help avoid any spillages and they are dishwasher-safe if you want to give them a proper clean once you’re home from your session.

As stated at the beginning, there are three sizes available, the standard is 215mm x 210mm, the large is 260mm x 240mm, while the long plate is 270mm x 160mm. Whichever you choose, they come with a utensil set, made from corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, a hand towel and a neoprene carry case – and there is a corresponding GorillaBox case, available separately, for each too.

Mick Clifford