Sonik | Armatek 60 Brolly

RRP: £399.99 |


The expected standards for brollies and full brolly systems have risen dramatically over the past few years and Sonik’s latest offering is no exception. The 20,000 HH material is as rugged as it comes and will guarantee a dry and windproof night on the bank. Ally that with a solid, 8mm fibreglass frame, the all-new tri-pole bar, the neat space-saving hub design and wide-span frame, and it all helps to create a very spacious interior too.

Inside you will find plenty of room for a bed and any luggage, there are two neat storage pockets that hang from the tri-pole arms on the left and right sides and a clever little pocket up on the roof that can house your receiver, phone, car keys, etc.

Another plus point is the supplied vapour skin that is responsible for a condensation-free night’s sleep. This is able to be unzipped at the back, giving access to the rear vent which can be opened from the interior, or exterior.

There are a host of different options for the front, ranging from a full panel, to having it completely open, and anything in between – with clear, mozzie mesh and green panels available. A heavy-duty, clip-in groundsheet is supplied too. Finally, on the exterior of the brolly, there is a front rain guard and two rod straps to complete the specification list.

Mick Clifford