Sticky Baits | Krill and Manilla Hookbait Kits

RRP: £9.99 |


Due to the ‘soft’ nature of both the Krill and Manilla freezer baits, Sticky have formulated a neat, hookbait kit including a natural toughening agent for those that either want a firm, longer lasting bottom bait, or wish to roll cork ball pop-ups without the need to mesh them. Not only does this mean you can create a different style hookbait, but it also means that you can tweak them to your requirements. This can be done using any additional flavours and additives, although Sticky recommend using their Pure Naturals range of products as they were carefully designed to work in conjunction with the hookbait kits.

The kits are supplied in 400g tubs, including the required liquids.

Mick Clifford