Target Baits | Powdered Additives

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Target Baits have a vast array of additives on their shelves, both liquid and powdered, but, for the purposes of this month’s review, we shall concentrate on just three – two are fairly well-known, whereas the third, AVT24, will probably be less so. However, for anybody keen on rolling their own bait from a custom base-mix, this could be(come) a key ingredient.

The Active Boost, or AVT24, is a complete nutrient additive, designed to help boost the immune system, wound healing, tissue repair and overall health. The benefits of this are two-fold: carp will naturally look to seek out a nutritional food source and a bait containing this product will consequently benefit their bodies in the long term.

Their Spirulina Powder contains the dried thallus of Athrospiraplatensis, a natural blue-green algae that has a very high nutritional value due to it holding a wide range of vitamins, minerals and proteins. With a protein content of 65-71% (dependant on growing conditions), it also contains all eight essential amino acids, in a form that is easily digestible. Furthermore, it is also rich in B group vitamins, including iron and manganese.

The Antarctic Krill Meal contains at least 56% protein and is rich in lipids, carotenoids and antioxidants. Its coarse physical texture helps add a rough texture to any bait. Due to its light nature, Target Baits recommend it to be used at between 5-10%, depending on the other ingredients involved.

To see the full range of products on offer, we recommend you take a look at their website.

Mick Clifford