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After an extensive testing phase, Baitology are pleased to introduce their new bait, called The Symbol. Their team have worked incredibly hard in recent months to see this concept through to perfection.

They have also given much thought about an innovative way of presenting the bait in combination with the three new flavour profiles of the highest quality.


The Symbol is a square boilie and clearly differs from the usual round shape. Aside from the simple fact that it is not the recognised shape for a boiled bait, it has one big advantage over all of those from the start, in that it will not roll so quickly when introduced into flowing water and/or over steeply shelving margins and gravel bars, so you can be assured that it will go where you want it to. And stay there.

Each carefully-composed mix consists of nutrient-rich and natural ingredients, without artificial colouring (dyes). Each is packed full of attractors, amino acids, minerals and carries a high protein content. They also contain appetite stimulating components and various water-soluble elements that are perfectly balanced with each other, so that they are easily and quickly digested by carp. Following on from the testing period, it is clear that the bait produced results straight away, as well as over the longer term, and consequently, the guys at Baitology are supremely confident that The Symbol will work very well whatever style of fishing you prefer.

The Symbol is available in the following three variants:


No.1 - Fish

A nutrient-rich, fishmeal variant, with a high protein content that contains, apart from the now widely-known krill meal, salmon meal and of course, a good dose of Cell is incorporated in this boilie.


No.2 - Sweet

This sweet version has a creamy taste, in combination with a large dose of Caribbean attractors, appetite generators and unique spices. The fibre-rich character ensures a quickly digestible boilie that can be used throughout the year.

No.3 - Spicy

A delicious, sweet and spicy variety that includes Haith’s Robin Green and the legendary black pepper essential oil. In Baitology’s own words, this one is a real killer that will perform extremely well, regardless of where you’re angling!


For those who want to be different and really want to score!

The Symbol will be available from their online shop from the end of March 2019.

Mick Clifford