DNA Baits | Liquid Range

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Bearing the same amino-liquid-based combinations used in the production of their freezer baits, all these liquids are based around a complex package of marine extract proteins, liquid-meat extracts, vegetable extracts, spices, and where applicable, the same attractor packages as are to be found in the baits themselves.

The S7 has a sublime peach and orange flavour, alongside krill hydrolysate and pure, human-grade molasses. The SLK is based around an in-house formulated gammaru shrimp liquid, liver and krill hydrolysates and cod liver oil. The NuttaS features a tiger nut extract, corn syrup, refined hemp oil, all finished with a strawberry top note. Finally, there is The Switch, which is the most complex of the four. It comprises no less than nine (!) key liquids and ingredients. Not only does this bait have a lovely meaty/yeasty aroma, but, it also contains a very important stimulant designed to promote health and safe growth in carp via their digestive systems.

Mick Clifford