Fortis | XSR 8x42 Binoculars

RRP: £99.99 |

The Fortis Eyewear XSR 8x42 Binoculars – to give them their full moniker – are an awesome and some would say, essential, part of any angler’s armoury. Vital for giving things like fish bubbling at close to medium range a closer inspection, or for more standard spotting duties while searching for showing fish, to save you walking endlessly around your chosen venue.

Each and every pair is individually tank-tested to ensure they are 100% waterproof. The chambers containing the lenses are nitrogen-filled to prevent any fogging whilst in use. And the 8x42 magnification has been chosen as it best suits their designated purpose, with anything over the power of 8x potentially causing instability and consequently, not such a clear view. While we are on the subject of views, the clarity from these binoculars is absolutely fantastic, giving a pin-sharp image at all ranges.

Their size is appealing too. They aren’t bulky at all and are very light by comparison with some on offer. They come supplied in a neoprene carry case-cum-protective sleeve and also have a strap for those who are travelling light, or don’t want to be fetching them out of a rucksack/carryall every five minutes.

Mick Clifford