PB Products | Various Terminal Tackle

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We’ve got a whole host of end game bits from PB Products to look at this month. First up are two leader materials. PB’s Hollow Kevlar is an incredibly abrasion-resistant product. It is incredibly tough, having a stated breaking strain of 80lb and it sinks very well due in part to its density. Other benefits include zero memory, it is very easy to splice and most intriguingly of all, it is possible to join it to another of their products (Silk Ray) with no knot whatsoever. For more details on that, follow the link on their website, or just head directly over to YouTube! It is supplied on mammoth 50m spools too.

Next is Stretch Attack. This features an industry-first, involving the use of fluorocarbon strands woven into it, giving just a little stretch (hence the name), making it perfect to act as a buffer for those fishing straight through with braided or fluorocarbon main lines. It is rated at 40lb BS, once again it is fast sinking and it is available in a choice of three colours, weed, silt and gravel, coming supplied on 10m spools.

The third item we took a look at is their Silk Wire. It is the latest in a long line of clever hooklinks to come from the brand and promises to be just as popular. It is an uncoated braided material that is fast sinking and extremely supple, making it perfect for a number of rig permutations. This one has a 20lb breaking strain and is available in three matte, dulled-down colours, weed, silt and gravel. As before, it is supplied on a 10m spool.

Finally, there is the PB Products Bait Floss. This one has quite a tacky feel, making it very easy to knot and ensuring a good grip around your hookbait. It is unscented and waxed and carries a nice, fine diameter of just ¼mm. It is supplied on 25m spools.

Mick Clifford