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CHIRP technology now available in a castable sonar

The location is Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, the date is 16th April, 2019 – and Deeper UAB, has just announced the launch of the first ever castable fishing sonar to incorporate CHIRP technology, the Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+. CHIRP technology was first developed by the military to help better detect submarines and other underwater objects. CHIRP sonars were adopted by anglers as a fish and feature-finding device and although they have been around for quite a while, it was only available to anglers, integrated within a boat-mounted sonar. Now, any shore angler can use this technology in a castable device.

CHIRP technology

CHIRP offers very clean and crisp sonar readings because it sends out multiple sound wave frequencies, while standard sonars only send out one frequency at a time, thus limiting the amount of data contained in the feedback. With multiple frequencies, there are more opportunities to provide anglers with very detailed and highly accurate underwater information. Think of it as similar to watching a movie on a standard TV, versus watching the same movie on a high-definition TV. CHIRP sonars are the high definition experience of sonar reading, in so much as you can see everything with more clarity and in much greater detail.

How can CHIRP help you catch more fish?

CHIRP is currently one of the most powerful sonar technologies available for anglers. You can get a much better view of individual fish, weedbeds, the contours of the lakebed and even your bait. A common issue with standard sonars is that sometimes multiple objects are shown as one. With a CHIRP sonar, multiple objects are actually shown as multiple objects. With the onset of better viewing, crisper clarity, and the extreme accuracy of CHIRP, when it is paired with the Deeper App, all these things will translate into finding fish and (hopefully) catching more, in even less time.

What you need to know about the new Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP+

The Deeper CHIRP+ sonar weighs 90g/3¼oz and has a diameter of 6cm/2.4”, meaning it can comfortably fit in any large tackle box, or bag.

Besides better underwater scanning, the new Deeper CHIRP+ sonar has additional features that will prove very helpful to anglers:

– With a minimum-maximum scanning depth of just 15cm/6” right the way down to 100m/330ft, anglers can use it for both extremely deep and very shallow water fishing.

– The sonar generates its own Wi-Fi signal, so anglers can cast out as far as 100m/330ft and expect solid connectivity with their paired device.

– With an incredibly accurate ½”/1.2cm target separation, anglers can see how different fish react to bait, which is ideal for vertical fishing and also easily locate predator species within a large school of bait fish.

– With the use of fast-charge technology, the device can be fully charged in just 1¼ hours.

– Built-in GPS enables anglers to create bathymetric maps from the shore.

About Deeper

Deeper has already established itself as the leader in castable fish finder technology. So why did they venture into CHIRP technology?

Their R&D offers a straightforward answer: because anglers said they want it...

Artiom Diusko, the Chief Technical Officer at Deeper, describes their journey very well. “We started with the ambition to lead the castable sonar market and in 2013 we released our first Deeper smart-sonar. We have continued to move forward, always innovating and never compromising, allowing us to create something that has never existed before”.

A look at their product timeline is a testimony to their ethos: there is a focus on bringing the latest technology to anglers, constant innovation, and listening to the feedback of their customers, something they believe is key to progressing forwards. Deeper’s first foray into the market featured a sonar that was powered by Bluetooth. They then improved the sonar’s casting range by incorporating Wi-Fi technology. Later, they launched the first GPS enabled castable sonar, allowing anglers to map entire lakes and now, they are the first ones to bring CHIRP technology to castable sonars.

What will be next for Deeper?

The company was founded by two anglers, just two friends trying to figure out ways to find and catch more fish and so as long as there is room for new technologies in fishing, rest assured that you will hear Deeper’s name for a long time yet.

Where and when can I buy a Deeper CHIRP+ Sonar?

The Deeper CHIRP+ sonar will be available for purchase through retailers and online in the UK from 1st June 2019.

All Deeper sonars are covered by a 2-year limited warranty.

Mick Clifford