Dynamite Baits | Premium Worm Liquid & Evolution Oils – Tuna/Krill

Premium Worm Liquid | RRP: £9.99 | www.dynamitebaits.com


Dynamite have released a number of quality products in recent times, none more so than their thick, gloopy worm extract liquid. It is packed full of worm meal and is rich in amino acids, proteins and nutrients that are a staple part of the dietary requirements for all fish.

There are a number of obvious uses for the liquid, such as for adding to spod mixes and glazing boilies, but due to its heavy nature, it will form a thick cloud from the surface down as it descends to the lakebed, meaning it will suit those who like a sloppy mix over their zigs, or to fish PVA bags full of attraction with little in the way of food items around the hookbait.

Available in 1L bottles, it is in shops now.


Evolution Oils – Tuna/Krill | RRP: £4.95 | www.dynamitebaits.com


Part of a range of seven new flavours, these two classics are sure to win favour over the coming months. All the Evo oils are produced using the same seed-based based oil which is winterised for all-season use. They come in handy 300ml sized bottles that won’t take up too much space in your bag and will pep up and spod mix if required. The tip of the nose cone is fairly thin, meaning that you can poke it through the sidewall of a PVA bag without splitting it, should you wish to add a little attraction to your pellet mix too.

Mick Clifford