Gemini Tackle | Hook Range

RRP: £4.09 per packet (10) |


Following on from the success of their fluorocarbon boom sections, Gemini Tackle have made another neat addition to their product line with a small range of hooks. They haven’t gone mad and tried to cover all the bases, preferring to make sure that they have something to suit the most popular of today’s rigs.

Currently there are four patterns available, these being a Wide Gape, with a beaked point, a Chod hook, with an incredibly long and sharp point, a Longshank and a pattern they are calling the Aquiline, which is similar to many peoples’ medium curve shank.

The first thing that struck me was the needle-sharp points across the range. It is obviously the least scientific way of checking a hook’s capability, but as an angler, it is the only way we know how!

They are forged using a premium grade High Carbon Steel, ensuring a superb weight to strength ratio, with increased point sharpness and durability compared to some. The points are honed using a two-phase chemical and mechanical sharpening procedure and they are P.T.F.E coated to deliver a nice, stealthy finish that in turn increases hook penetration speeds!

The range are all available in sizes 4, 6 and 8 with a micro barb. The Aquiline and Wide Gape are also available in all three sizes as a barbless pattern, while the Longshank is only offered in a 6 or 8 as a barbless hook. The Chod is solely available with a micro barb.

The Aquiline, Chod and Wide Gapes have been available since the tail end of last year, with the Longshank due in the shops shortly before we went to press.

Mick Clifford