Nutrabaits | Pineapple & Banana Range / Strawberry Cream & Bergamot Range

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Nutrabaits have now got a whole host of boilies within their shelf-life range. This month we have taken a look at two of the sweeter attractor packages. First up is a classic Strawberry Cream and Bergamot combination. This bright red, birdfood recipe features multimino, PPC, the wonderful Sweet Cajouser and two of their ‘nature identical’ Strawberry and Cream flavours, obviously alongside the Bergamot essential oil.

The Pineapple & Banana again features two of their nature identical flavours within its make-up. It is rolled on an unspecified basemix, and includes Betaine HCI and the multimino to produce a fantastic year-round bait that seems to be attractive right from the start, making it ideal for those venturing abroad, or looking to fish short sessions here.

Both ranges have a complete ancillary package, comprising of bait sprays, matching pop-ups and pellets. The boilies are available in 15mm and 20mm sizes and come in handy resealable bags ranging from 400g, through to 5kg bags.

Mick Clifford