Sonik | 2-Rod Set-Up

RRP: £344.95 |


Having noticed an increase within the market for shorter, retractable rods, Sonik have been quick on the uptake in offering these, their XTRACTOR model. This 2-piece, 9ft 3lb TC rod features a very modern, stealthy finish, being black from tip to toe.

They have a lovely through action, yet maintain plenty of power through the butt section. They have lightweight M-series DL guides and a 17mm anti-frap tip ring, a 17mm reel seat and even a custom line clip. The main highlight for us though was their super lightweight build and due to the telescopic build, a tiny pack-down size of just 44”. To complement the rods, Sonik have paired them up with a DominatorX 6000RS reel that balances perfectly.

To complete this set-up there is the VADERX pod. In a day and age where everybody is hell-bent on cutting their gear back to an absolute minimum, a purpose-built kit such as this is ideal for the roving/static angler.

Made from lightweight aluminium and with a subtle, matte black finish, this fully adjustable 2-rod pod weighs all-in at a little under 2lb, which isn’t bad at all when you consider two stainless banksticks are comfortably in excess of that!

The pod is very quick and easy to assemble and feels very stable once you’ve done so. It comes supplied as a complete kit, with four legs, two buzz bars and the base unit itself, all wrapped up in an oversized carry pouch that has room for you to leave your alarms and butt rests on the bars when you’re packing away.

Should you be fishing anywhere with a soft bank, there isn’t a requirement to use the base either, as you can simply attach the legs and bars together and fish a ‘goal post’ style set-up.

The pod should be at your local Sonik stockists very soon, with a 3-rod variant also available.

Mick Clifford