Sticky | Krill Floaters, Salmon Oil and Hookbaits

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Those clever chaps at Sticky have formulated a unique, two-stage coating that has allowed them to recreate all the goodness of their Krill boilie range into a floater. The first coating starts to break down immediately, sending small particles drifting across the surface, while the second stage continues to release a scent trail of super-soluble attractors into the water column. As an added bonus, these are so oily that there is simply no need to add any extra to produce an attractive slick.

To complement the floaters, Sticky have also released tubs of specialist hookbaits designed to perfectly mimic your loose feed. They’re hookable and can also be hair-rigged or banded should you wish, making them extremely easy to use. Essentially, they are the Krill Floaters that have been pre-softened and infused with greatly increased levels of Krill attractors, so much so, that they’re now practically oozing!

For those who are never happy with their lot, there is of course a Pure Salmon Oil if you feel the urge to top things up yourself. It isn’t solely for surface fishing though. Salmon Oil has a multitude of uses and is perfect as a glug for hookbaits, a glaze for your loose feed and can even serve to toughen up the outer of your cork ball pop-ups, which is very handy if birdlife is becoming a nuisance on your venue.

Mick Clifford