Carp Spirit | 4D Camo Braid, Velocity Monofilament, Spod/Marker Braids & Velocity Shock Leaders

4D Camo Braid | From £19.99 |


Carp Spirit are a relative newcomer to the UK market, yet their products have a certain pedigree already. They have a good range of choice for anyone looking to respool their reels in the near future, with options for braid and monofilament.

Their braided offering is the 4D. As the name suggests it comprises a four-colour broken camouflage along its length. It boasts a Dyneema/polyester construction that gives it great strength, reliability and performance without breaking the bank. It is available on either 300m or 1000m spools in three different breaking strains, ranging from 33lb to 40½lb.

Velocity Monofilament | RRP: From £17.99 |


Carp Spirit also offer three different monofilament options, with Velocity being their premium line. It is available in two colours, either a Low-Viz Brown, or a Low-Viz Green. This fast-sinking mono was designed specifically for carp fishing and its extra strong co-polymer formulation gives it great abrasion resistance for a line so supple, also lending it a high breaking strain to diameter ratio.

It comes supplied on bulk 1200m spools in a flat, aluminium tin and in breaking strains ranging from 9½lb to 26lb.

Spod/Marker Braids | RRP: From £21.99 |

There are two dedicated spod/marker braids within their line-up too. One is of 4-ply construction, whilst the other features 8-strands for a super-smooth profile which reduces noise and friction as it passes through the guides, ideal for those in search of those precious, extra few yards when fishing at range.

Both are only available in 30lb breaking strain on 300m spools and while the 4X is only available in Hi-Viz Yellow, the 8X comes in a bright orange, or black.

Velocity Shock Leaders | RRP: From £5.99 |


Last, but by no means least, Carp Spirit also offer a dedicated range of shock-leaders – that’s right, not one, but three! To remain in keeping with the text we’ll concentrate on the Velocity offerings, of which there are two.

Impact is the first. Supplied on 100m large diameter spools to aid reducing memory, it is available in breaking strains from 26lb, right the way up to a frankly ludicrous 80lb, that is also 0.8mm thick – perfect for anyone looking to fish mussel or snag-infested waters by boat. Secondly, there is a range of Velocity tapered leaders. These come supplied in packs of five, with each leader being 15m long. That length is made up of a 5m parallel section at the front, a 6m tapered section and then 4m of parallel again at the rear. These special leaders are constructed from a polyamide co-polymer and are the perfect solution to those who want a much smaller knot passing through the rings when fishing at range.

Mick Clifford