Carp Spirit | Terminal Tackle Range

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Carp Spirit are a burgeoning brand, one that appears set to have a huge presence across the European carp angling market over the course of 2019 and beyond. They have a staggering catalogue of products for a company that is still relatively young, covering all the bases from the budget end of the market, right up to high-end rods and inflatable boats.

Our focus for this month’s magazine is to be on their terminal tackle though. As already stated, they have amassed a considerable number of products in a short space of time and this is apparent nowhere more so than within this range. They have ticked all the boxes, from all the fiddly bits like swivels and small rubber beads, to a huge array of specialist hooklinks, each with its own designated place.

The products all appear to be well thought out and made from good quality materials. What’s more, the colour choices for the hooklinks and other rubberised products, such as tubing, lead clips and line aligners are very discreet and should blend well for the majority of angling scenarios.

Due to the sheer amount of products within the range, we can’t possibly cover them all in one hit, so we’re shining the spotlight on their hooklinks and leadcore for this issue.

There are a number of ‘last yard’ option in the Carp Spirit camp, with regular braided, fused and fluorocarbon leaders, but the mainstays appear to be the Gravity-branded products. There is the ultra-supple, Gravity LFL, which is a lead-free material as an alternative for those situations where lead core is banned. As with the rest of the range, it is only available in a 45lb breaking strain, in both solid green and brown colouration.

Next up is the Gravity SSL. This is a super-supple, conventional lead core. Rather than the solid colouration of the lead-free material, the SSL has a nice, fluctuating pantone in both the green and brown that will help break up its outline on the lakebed. Once more it is supplied on 10m spools.

Lastly, we have the Gravity UHL. An ultra-heavy variant that is ideal for the chod-users amongst us, as its thicker core ensures that you won’t need to use any additional putty or weighted beads to help it down to the lakebed when using sliding rigs along its length.

One other product of note is the Camo Weed. This is another ultra-heavy lead core, although this one has a clever outer sheath that’ll mimic the bottom of any lake where weed is present. Despite its relatively bulky appearance it remains very easy to splice as the inner core is separate to the weed-effect material. One crafty idea we caught wind of, was to snip off a small piece of the outer skin, remove the lead and then thread it along the hook shank for the ultimate concealment when stalking carp at close quarters.

Mick Clifford