Fox International | Curve Shank X Hooks, Containers & Coffee Maker

Curve Shank X Hooks | RRP: £4.99 per packet |

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Fox seem to be rolling out new and improved products on a weekly basis at the moment, so we thought we would highlight a few that have caught our eye this month. First up is the addition of a heavier-gauged version of their ultra-sharp Curve Shank hook, the Curve Shank X. Created using the same lightweight XC80 Vanadium forged steel construction, slick, non-reflective PTFE coating and maintaining the needle-sharp point that the range has become renowned for. It is only available in three sizes: 1, 2 and 4, having primarily been designed for those fishing overseas, or for large carp in hit ‘n’ hold situations with strong lines and powerful rods, but with the increase in popularity for the use of big hooks in recent years, we certainly felt them worthy of a mention.

Containers | RRP: £16.99 |


Next up was this nifty little airtight storage container for your tea, or coffee. It has a stainless steel construction, a built-in ‘keep fresh’ valve, a black measuring spoon and even a calendar wheel in the lid for those that have real issues with regards to their ‘best before’ dates! It has a carrying capacity of 860ml, meaning you will be able to keep plenty of your chosen refreshment to hand on all but the longest of sessions.

Coffee Maker | RRP: From £13.00 |


There’s no point in having such a pretty thing as the above storage container if you’ve got nothing to use it with. To complement it, Fox have recently released two lightweight Coffee Makers, perfect for rustling up a proper brew, when anything instant just isn’t going to cut it! There are two sizes available: a 300ml and a 450ml. Both feature an aluminium construction, a built-in safety valve and are easy to use and easy to clean. It is only available in matte black finish, which although a break from the norm with fishing-related cookware, is rather fetching in our opinion.

Mick Clifford