Mainline | High Impact Banoffee and Salty Squid Ranges & Power Particle Range

High Impact Banoffee and Salty Squid Ranges| RRP: £6.75 |


Mainline’s freezer bait ranges have been renowned for their attractiveness over the years and these High Impact shelf-life boilies from the same stable certainly aren’t any different. Although they have been around for a little while now, both the Banoffee and Salty Squid are now available in the all-new, resealable packaging in 1kg and a very handy 3kg size.

They combine a mixture of high-quality, base mix ingredients with some of Mainline’s latest liquid additives to create a food source bait that is also perfect for tucking away in the garage, or the boot of your car for those opportune moments when you just have to go fishing!

They are available in 15mm and 20mm and as with everything that Mainline Baits produce, there is a wealth of matching products to suit as well.


Mainline Power Particle Range | RRP: £11.99 |

This range of ready-prepared particles has a difference in that they are cooked with a choice of attractors for your benefit. There are four different products within the range. Power+ Pulse, which contains a blend of pulses and seeds to create a great carpet feed on the lakebed. Power+ Spomb, which has a much finer base of micro particles alongside the pulses. And then there are the Power+ Hemp and Power+ Tigers, which as the names suggest are single-ingredient jars. There are three different attractor packages to choose from at the moment, being the Multi-Stim, The Cell, or the Essential Cell, with another containing The Link available very soon.

All these products are PVA-friendly and are well suited to a number of different baiting applications due to their finished feel. They are all available in handy 3l jars, again perfect for stockpiling in the garage, or for stashing in the boot on the off chance that you can grab an hour’s fishing off the cuff.

Mick Clifford