Nutrabaits | Alternative Hookbait Corkie Wafter Range

RRP: £6.95 per tub |


These recent additions to the Corkie Wafter range from Nutrabaits all feature some of the Yorkshire-based company’s best-known and loved flavour combos. There are six new products available, namely the Plum & Caproic Acid, Tecni-Spice, Pineapple & N-Butyric, Winter Berry, White Spice and last, but not least, Pink Pepper.

They are all hand-rolled using pure Nutrabaits base mix and the identical additives and attractors used in the equivalent bottom bait ranges. With a little thought they can be used for all manner of modern baiting applications and should you wish to make them stand out from the crowd, there is a matching Bait Soak spray, or Bait Soak complex to give them a little extra zing!

Mick Clifford