RidgeMonkey | Multi Lite Plus

RRP: £39.99 | www.ridgemonkey.co.uk

Released to complement their existing, proven range of lights, the Multi Lite is incredibly versatile, with a number of possible uses. First up it can be hung upside down and used as a lantern, thanks to the built-in hook, thus giving good all-round light in your swim. It can also be used as a conventional bivvy light due to the magnetic plate that forms the base of the unit. But its primary use is as a spotlight. It has 360-degree light, available in three colours: green, red and white, from the side of the unit, but also a narrow beam that comes from the top, which is really handy when you’re coming back to shore, or trying to make that tricky cast to a nearby feature after dark.

The next benefit of the spotlight is that it can help you out no end when it comes to night-time photography, thanks in part to the supplied bankstick adaptor and light diffuser. Simply set the light(s) up at the required angle and click away, with the diffuser helping to rid your shots of any nasty glare along the flank of the fish! As with all their products, no batteries are required and they charge or run off any common 5V USB connection.

Mick Clifford