Sonik | Xractor 6ft 3lb TC Rod

RRP: £49.99 |


Following on from last month’s overview of the 9-footers, this month we take a look at the baby of the line-up, the 6ft rod. With the substantial increase in interest for short, semi-telescopic rods, Sonik have been quick to market with their offering, the Xtractor range. Finished in the same, matte finish carbon as the other models and wearing all the same cosmetics, from the laser-etched butt cap right the way up to the anti-frap tip ring, these rods offer incredible value for money at their price point. This super-slim 6ft, 3lb TC model also shares hidden reserves of power. Make no mistake this is a pokey little rod, with lots of power in the butt section and a fast-action tip, giving surprising performance whether you’re casting, or playing big fish close-in. Perhaps the most staggering aspect is that it has a transport length of just 74cm, or 29 inches in new money – meaning it is perfect to leave concealed in the boot of the car for any impromptu sessions.Sonik Xractor 6ft 3lb TC Rod

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Mick Clifford