Thinking Anglers | Terminal Tackle Range



With the launch of the fully revised and updated Thinking Anglers TT range originally set for the glorious 16th, the wait for the eagerly anticipated hooks and new hooklinks should be at an end very soon.

Both products have been available to look at on their stands throughout the most recent show season and they have been very favourably received. Without doubt they are as sharp as anything else on the market ‘straight out of the packet’ and feature a fairly long, durable point. The hooks are manufactured from an ultra-strong, heavy gauge wire and have a darker than average, dull and super-slippery PTFE coating, and there are four patterns available.

The Curve Point, which is similar to a wide gape pattern including an in-turned eye and beaked point. This hook is ideal for fishing over gravel and hard ground, where there is the potential to burr the point if the rig is moved around by feeding fish.

The Curve Shank features a mildly in-turned eye and a straight point and looks best suited to bottom bait rigs such as the KD, as well as two of the most popular current pop-up rigs, the 360 and the Ronnie.

The Straight Eye is unquestionably going to be the hook of choice for those that prefer fishing hard on the deck. Due to the eye maintaining the line of the shank, the pattern lends itself to all manner of rigs that will require some form of kicker, or aligner to help turn the hook over.

Finally, there is the Out-turned Eye Hook. This one is obviously the go-to for any avid pop-up users out there, being the recognised hook of choice for choddies and hinged-stiff hook sections, although it will also perform well with either a pop-up or a bottom bait, on something like a Multi-rig.

The Camskin hooklink material is the heavily anticipated addition their hooklink line-up, sitting next to the original Tungskin. Manufactured from Dyneema, just like Tungskin, the coating of Camskin has a higher strength, particularly around the knot, than that of comparative coated braids. Its construction also means that it is thinner than most of its rivals, aiding in concealment whilst allowing it to settle better over the lakebed. The outer coating is sprayed with shaded bands along its length, aiding concealment and making it very difficult to pick out against any lakebed. There are three breaking strains (15, 20 and 25lb) to choose from, as well as three colours: Weed Green, Gravel Brown and Silt Black. They are all supplied on 20m spools.

Mick Clifford