Carp Spirit | Rig Tools

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There a whole host of rig tools available from Carp Spirit, but for the purposes of this month’s Rigworld, we have decided to focus on the following: An All-Purpose Needle Set, Stick and String Needle Set, a 1.2mm Bait Drill, the Strip-Eaze and the versatile Multi-Pull tool.

The All-Purpose Needle Set does what it says on the tin, offering four needles that cover any baiting situation you may be faced with. They are individually coloured so that you can select the right one quickly and easily, have an ergonomically designed handle and feature stainless steel needles. There is a Heavy Lip Close needle (yellow), a Braid and Hard Bait needle (orange), a Maggot/Ultra-fine needle (magenta) and lastly, a Fine Lip Close Splicing needle (blue).

There is also a two needle set aimed specifically at those who use small groundbait sticks and/or stringers. They feature the same ‘comfort grip’ high visibility handles. The Stick and String needle (green) is a heavy-duty gated needle with a hinged gate to ensure it doesn’t catch and tear PVA, while the Stringer needle (red) has a pointed crook which ensures that the tape, or string, remains in place while you transfer your baits quickly and easily.

It should be noted that you can purchase any of the above items on their own, as opposed to as part of a full set.

The Strip-Eaze is a nifty little tool for anybody who uses coated braids on a regular basis. It features the same user-friendly ‘comfort grip’ handle that is found on the needle sets and has been designed to fit comfortably between your thumb and forefinger so you can exert a decent amount of pressure allowing you to safely strip the coating from any hooklink without damaging the inner core.

The Bait Drill features a 1.2mm stainless steel bit to easily bore out those tougher than average hookbaits, such as air-dried boilies and pellets, with the ‘comfort grip’ handle ensuring you can perform the task with the minimum of effort. There is also a dedicated Boilie Drill within the range too (not featured). This carries a much wider drill bit, which would suit anybody looking to critically-balance their boilies and tiger nuts for use as hookbaits.

The Multi-Pull is a must-have for any tackle box. The smallish triangular body has three different tools, one on each point. There is a conventional ring, for use with hooks, a curved hook for use with swivels and rig rings, plus a stepped-point spike that is ideal for creating round-looped knots in both your hooklinks and leadcore.

Mick Clifford