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Now the weather is up to speed and it looks like summer is here for the duration, it is time to consider some of the more potent liquid additives that you can use to boost your bait with. DNA have four on offer here and they are as follows:

Hemp Oil – This very thin oil is ideal for coating things such as floaters and pellets as it can be drawn into them without problem. It is extracted directly from hempseed using a cold pressing procedure to limit any denaturing during manufacture. This particular oil is very rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as being a great source of Omega 3, 6 and 9. Aside from all of the above, it is probably best-known within the health industry for its antioxidant properties. The oil also has a wonderful nutty aroma and is adored by carp the world over. DNA state a recommended inclusion level of up to 20ml per kg of bait.

Hot Hemp Oil – This is the X-rated version of the above. Featuring added pure Capsaicin, this oil has a real kick to it. Not only that, but due to the addition of Capsicum, the oil becomes a source of Vitamin C, something carp can’t find naturally. This means that aside from the obvious boost to attraction levels, it also benefits them from a health perspective by providing help with both skeletal and tissue repair. Please be aware that this product can cause much discomfort if you touch yourself inappropriately after use. You have been warned!

Tuna Oil – This is a great alternative to the more common salmon oil. The viscous liquid is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that will benefit the health of carp (and other species). It is perfect for use within stick mixes and solid bags, being PVA-friendly as per other oils, but at this time of year it can produce a slick on the surface of a lake like no other! For those of you who like a bit of floater fishing, this is the one. The recommended inclusion levels are between 30-50ml per kg.

Salmon Oil – One of the all-time great attractors. Unlike some, DNA’s is a winterised product which will result in improved benefits over regular salmon oil, even in warmer water. Once again it is a source of energy and Omega 3 and 6, while bearing powerful antioxidant properties that are beneficial to all species. It is a great addition to all bait, whether it is to glaze your boilies and pellets, or simply as an addition to a particle mix, this won’t do your chances any harm. The recommended inclusion levels for this one are 20-30ml per kg.

The Hemp, Hot Hemp and Salmon Oil are available in bottles ranging from 250ml-1000ml, while the Tuna Oil is only available in the two larger sizes, either 500ml or 1L.

Mick Clifford