Dynamite Baits | Big Fish Floating Pellets & Durable Hookers

Big Fish Floating Pellets | RRP: £5.99 per bag | www.dynamitebaits.com


Dynamite Baits have continued to roll out a steady stream of fresh products for this year, the latest of which are these new pellets. With a midsummer release, you’d be correct in assuming they are floating pellets. They are 11mm in size, so ideal for going a fair distance in the catty if you’re not one for Spombing at range. There are three flavours available, those being Krill, Sweet Tiger and Fishmeal, which has a lovely savoury aroma. Our personal favourites are the Sweet Tigers though! Available from all good stockists in 1.1kg bags now.

Big Fish Durable Hookers | RRP: £4.45 per tub | www.dynamitebaits.com


Designed to complement the floating pellets mentioned above, these Durable Hookers come in the exact same flavours. They have a similar texture and oily complexion to the old floating baits that Dynamite used to produce, but they feel slightly more rubbery and as a result, we’re sure they’ll be perfect for side-hooking and casting up to medium range. For anything more, we would suggest hair-rigging them. If you don’t mind getting a bit messy, try scuffing the surface of one and giving it a little squeeze in a liquid attractor of your choice before releasing it... It’s a fiddly process, but we managed to get it to take on a little extra for added attraction out in the lake.

Mick Clifford