RidgeMonkey | Lead-free Leader and Hooklink

RRP: £12.99 per spool | www. ridgemonkey.co.uk

These two products have been available for a little while now and if you haven’t already looked at them, or are fishing anywhere with a leadcore ban, then you certainly should. Both are incredibly supple, sink like the proverbial brick and are very easy to splice, although the much thinner 25lb hooklink should be done with caution to avoid getting any nicks in the material. Due to their construction, they have incredible abrasion-resistance and will lay over almost any surface, providing the ultimate concealment over that crucial last yard.

The dedicated hooklink material is so thin that threading it through the eye of any standard pattern of hook a couple of times, whilst forming a knotless knot, is thankfully no longer the chore it used to be. Should you be fishing somewhere that is best described as extreme –think Rainbow Lake - then you can even use the leader material as a hooklink. Both products come in a choice of three colours: Weed Green, Organic Brown and Camo and they are supplied on 10m spools.

Mick Clifford