Sticky | Krill Clusters & Pellets

Krill Clusters | RRP: £6.99 |


Sticky first released the Krill range some seven years ago now and while it remains largely unchanged, there is one product that seems to have flown under the radar since it was added to the roster a couple of seasons ago. The Krill Clusters are literally just that, mixed-size pieces of Krill that have been compressed into something resembling a damp pellet. Loaded with amino-rich proteins and Omega 3 fatty acids these little clumps of joy have a nutritional profile that is off the scale. The methods of use are limited only to your imagination really, they are obviously perfect for adding to particle and spod mixes. They can be used ‘balled up’ for feeding spots in the edge, in PVA bags, or even packed tightly around your lead for a spike of attraction right by your single hookbait when fishing at range. They are supplied in 500g aluminium fresh-seal bags.

Krill Pellets | RRP: From £4.99 (900g bag) |


As with their renowned Bloodworm pellets, these Krill pellets feature the very same two-stage breakdown process. The outer layer has a very fast breakdown time, providing a quick release of minute krill-meal particles into the water column, whilst the second takes a while longer, leaving a dense cloud of attraction in the immediate vicinity of your hookbait. As with any other pellet, they have a multitude of uses. They are available in three different sizes to aid that too: 2.3mm, 4mm and 6mm and are supplied in a choice of either 900g or 2.5kg bags.

Mick Clifford